What’s At The Core of our Leaders’ Success?

“Our community depends, at its core, on its leaders,” explains Lorna. “Helping to develop strong leadership skills in our organizations and business owners is vital for the health of the entire community.

Source: http://www.prfree.org/news-free-leadership-training-for-your-organization-business-308355.html

We operate, ultimately, as a whole. The more successful, thriving organizations and businesses are, the more success our community will attract… The leadership training we provide benefits us all.”

Sessions are 100% free for businesses with 10 or more participants and can be scheduled at http://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/lornablake/ explains Blake.

“The training averages between 45-60 minutes and is packed with highly usable information in a fun learning environment. Our goal is to have each team member come away with at least one mind challenging idea that will spark a desire for self- improvement and increased productivity within your organization.

While many individuals feel that leadership is just a gift that some have and some don’t, we define leadership, provide purposeful ways to grow and improve leadership skills, and begin to cultivate a mentality primed for improvement and growth. Once exposed to our training, ideas are unlocked and old, unproductive habits can be left behind.


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