Time To Create Life On Your Own Terms!

It’s October and depending on where you live in the world this month may have a different meaning for you. In the Northern hemisphere, you are already experiencing fall. While in the Southern Hemisphere it is spring.


Whether you’re looking at an oncoming spring, experiencing

the transformation of fall, or somewhere in between, it’s a great

time to reflect upon your own inner garden.



How does a seed that you plant take root and sprout?

Your intentions and dreams may take time to germinate and become reality.


It starts with an intention. When you create an intention keep three things in mind:



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1) A seed needs darkness and nurturing to germinate and become a

strong plant.


When your ideas are in the process of germination, it is

very important to guard and nurture them. Keep them mostly

to yourself, so that naysayers don’t ‘should’ all over them.


2).It may take a few years for your intention to

grow to the point where it takes root and bears fruit.


Have patience and engage in guided actions that support your dreams.


Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do. Or can assist you in reaching your goal.


3) Ask for feedback but trust your intuition. Make your decision based on what feels right for you…


I have a confession to make. I’ve been experimenting with travel for eight years now. Since 2005 I’ve lived in four different countries on three different continents. Travel is my passion!


I met my husband in South Korea in 2006 and given we both love to travel we’ve been enjoying globetrotting ever since. We’ve lived in Jamaica and Canada then moved back to Korea. We were living in Korea when we made the decision to move to Panama.


It was a long, harsh winter in  Cheonan Korea in March 2011. And as we were freezing our butts off, we decided to move to a country with more temperate weather conditions, a great standard of living and where I can fulfill my childhood dream to speak Spanish fluently.



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So we packed our bags and left our “little piece of heaven”, as

Cheonan translates, in faith that we would find an even bigger piece of



As the story unfolded, we ended up on the other side of our journey in

the land of eternal spring, Boquete, Panama in January 2013. Life is a dream!


How did we make it happen?


The dream of leaving Korea for Panama was nurtured and kept to ourselves.


We didn’t share with well-intentioned and well-meaning family or friends. Until we were almost ready to make the move.  By this time we felt confident that it was definitely going to be a reality.


We did our research and even asked the experts for help but we followed our intuition.




Because we know that many times people will try to advise us to live our lives the way they live theirs…


And that doesn’t work for us.


Because our dreams, our goals and our intentions are ours alone.  To do with them as We choose.

We know that we deserve to live life on our own terms!


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