Truth About Cleaning

Everywhere you turn these days someone’s talking about spring cleaning.

I support the view that a yearly purging of stuff is important and necessary. 

But today’s feature is about the weekly routine cleaning tasks that we take on around the home. On top of all the other important responsibilities we have.

Each of us has an aspect of cleaning that we just don't like. Do you know what yours is? 

For me, it's cleaning the toilet. Never have liked it.

Probably never will. 

When I say I don’t like it I mean I can do it if I absolutely must. But I’d get like miserable and depressed just thinking about having to do it.

So guess what? I started talking about it to Joe.

 And when I brought it up he shared that he had worked in maintenance, and has no qualms about cleaning a toilet. In fact, he says he dated a woman who told him that it was one of her 'tests' of the men she dated.

If the toilet wasn't clean when she visited his place for the first time, that guy was probably not going to get far with her.

As a result of dating her Joe now cleans the toilet with a sense of pleasing the woman in his life.

What a relief it was to me that I could free up my time to do more pleasant tasks for me and in turn I could help him do some task he really doesn’t like to do.

So if there's something that you just don't like doing around your home, stop and ask yourself:

“Is there an easier way to get this done without me having to do it myself?”

I know it's easy to rationalize your choice to keep doing something that you hate by saying:

"If I had more Money, I would hire someone to do it,"

What if more money wont come to you until you designate someone to do the tasks that are sucking the life out of you? 

This allows you to free up your time to do the things you find truly joyful. And when you’re in a state of joy abundance is attracted to you.

To give you an example. Let's say it is dishes that you don't like to do. Or maybe it's organizing paper work. Whatever it is, you'll be surprised by how little it really takes to farm that out to someone else.

Start by making a list of some things you don't like to do.

Then ask yourself these questions:

Who else in my household or circle can do this for me?

How else could I get this done without having to do it myself

As ideas come to you reach out to that person and ask for their help. Or hire someone to do it.

I suggest that it’s in making the decision to give to yourself that you will begin to shift your perspective about life.

You deserve to spend your days doing more of what you love.

So give yourself the time to continue pursuing your purpose and mission in life. Or get started doing so.  Now is the time! And you are the one!

Your family, community, and the world benefit from you being in your joy and doing more of the things you love. You are worth it. You deserve it!

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