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June 2009, Vol.1
Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday… It’s a good time to reflect on the important role that men and fathers play in our lives. Research shows that girls who grow up without a father in their early years tend to experience feelings of abandonment, hurt and rejection. They’re also likely to suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth.

I can relate to that.  As a young girl it was difficult for me to understand the reason why my biological father was totally absent from my life and it made me sad. At the same time I was fortunate to be born into an extended family which included wonderful, loving men who were present for me.

My earliest memories are of my maternal grandfather who was an awesome storyteller. He offered up such incredible entertainment every night.  His stories made my imagination come alive… I had the most loving uncles who took time to encourage and play with me. I was even carried high on their shoulders at times when I felt too tired to walk.

As I grew into my teenage years my mother found a gentle, caring partner who has been my stepfather for more than 30 years.  My appreciation for Jamaican culture happened during my teen years because he worked at a theatre and we often got free passes to cultural shows. He also helped me get my first job after high school and has been there for me in many ways over the years.

I’ve even had father figures at churches who offered me advice and mentoring which helped me move my life forward. While my biological father is still absent I have had the benefit of so many wonderful men who’ve all contributed to making my life more whole and complete. For this I’m truly grateful.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Treat!
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On Father’s Day by Joe Countryman
What does it mean to be a man? This question is primary to some of the self-esteem issues that men face. We have been barraged with images of man in conquest, the soldier, pillager of womanhood, and intimidator since boyhood.

As we grow into manhood we’re pressured to find someone to settle down with, stay in monogamous relationship, have children and form a family unity.

Problem is, we take the soldier, the conquistador, the gangster, and the heavy-handed judge and jury home to our partner and children.  This often results in broken homes and families.

It’s time to clean ourselves once and for all of the seemingly illogical, self destructive, and stereotypical views of manhood.

A real man wields communication instead of intimidation, respect rather than fear, and chooses to recognize the need for gentleness and kindness in his relationships.

We can break the cycles of abuse and neglect by forgiving ourselves, letting go of resentment towards those who have abused and neglected us, and by showing respect and love for our partners, children, and all our relations.

My father once told me, “You know, your grandpa and I were once driving along in silence, and he turned to me and said, ‘Sonny, just because I’m not saying anything doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.'”

Another time, my father shared with me, “People won’t remember you as much by what you say. They remember you by what you do.”

Thanks Grandpa Kenneth and to my ‘Pop’, Merle Countryman. Here’s to all the fathers who are breaking down the illusions and showing our world the truth of what it means to be a man.

– Joe Countryman –

Joseph (Joe) Countryman is a Wholistic Health Coach, Consultant, and Master Teacher. He is currently involved in a project to bring rooftop gardening to First Nations people in Toronto, Canada. Any donations for the program’s greatest good can be sent via Paypal to

Joe says:
“Love and blessings to all the fathers out there. If you are a single father, I am happy to provide you with a copy of my book for half price.

You can reach me at”


Lorna Blake & Joe Countryman
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