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May 2009, Vol. I


A Tribute to Mothers

Mother, a true queen, simply royalty
reminiscing on all the things you’d do for me

Even when I’d give you trouble as a kid
You gave me love along with some healthy discipline
I never realized you did your best to provide
The family with necessities that we’d need to survive
You kept me alive every time I came down with
Some sickness, you’re my light when the hour is darkest

You wouldn’t listen when others said you’d “spoil” me
Because you’re my mother, a true queen, simply royalty…

Unfortunately I ran out of words to say
Except I love you Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!
Camaur Blake

Family Photo
Camaur (C.J.) Blake is a 16 year old high school student who is a talented poet and author. He is also Lorna’s son.

CJ, Lorna, Jaedon & Joe

A Mother’s Day Message from Joe
It is impossible to imagine life on Earth continuing without women. Woman, you are the creators of our physical life and the sustainers of our existences.

In the media and the evening ‘noose’, much is made that decries the situation of children who have grown up without fathers. Often we can easily get swept away by fear until we are caught up in what’s missing and what’s wrong.When we look again, we see the mother who kisses a child’s wound, and makes the pain go away. And the grandmother who wakes the child who is having a nightmare, as the bad dream begins to disappear.

Let’s forgive all of the women in our lives for their perceived imperfections. Let’s focus on what we love about ourselves, and give all the mothers a gift that lasts at least until Mother’s Day, 2010.

We can avoid the programmed reaction that causes us to fight. Let’s take time to honor and respect one another. We can work together to bring peace to our families and communities. We can acknowledge, encourage and respect the women in our lives.

To the mothers in my life, I love and appreciate you. Exactly the way you are, you are beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day,

-Joe Countryman-

Mother’s Day Offer
Give your mother the gift of health this Mother’s Day!

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Make Peace With Your Past
The key to your present and future relationships…mother and baby

She was the closest person to me and the one person I knew I could count on no matter what. She was one of my best friends and we had a lot of wonderful memories of sharing and spending time together. We could almost finish each other’s sentences and knew what was going on with each other without having to say a word.People admired our relationship and would comment “You’re so lucky to have a mom like that!” What they didn’t know is that it wasn’t always ‘like that’.

My mom and I had had a very difficult relationship when I was a child. I was her first child and she was a teen mom with no parenting experience. She hit me often and I found it traumatic. I felt she treated me extremely cold and harsh.

She gave me very few privileges yet so many punishments. This all changed when I turned 17. I wanted to go out with a young man whom she didn’t like and she insisted I not go out with him. She and I had a big ‘confrontation’ and I insisted that I wanted to be treated as an adult. All of a sudden she eased up the pressure and began to treat me like an equal. That was our last fight.

I came to Canada by myself a few years later and I began to recall the severe beatings I received. I noticed I had been holding on to the resentments for all those years. I also came to learn that Mom showed me love in the best ways she knew how.

Yes, I did confront her and told her how much it hurt me to have been treated so severely. Her own memories of my childhood were very different from mine and she was sorry.

When she left the planet 2-1/2 years ago I was so glad I’d allowed myself to get to know and spend time with her. She was such an extraordinary and special person! What we shared was a truly beautiful and meaningful relationship!

What if I hadn’t done the work to let go the resentments? I would have had a miserable relationship with her and it would have impacted all my other relationships.

How can you let go of the past and enjoy better relationships?

1. Write forgiveness letters to all the people in your life you feel have wronged you. When you’re through writing the letters, have some kind of ceremony where you let the hurts and the pains go. Burn, shred or dispose of the letters as you choose.

2. Repeat this Forgiveness Affirmation whenever the hurts and pains resurface: “I forgive myself and others for all imperfections.”

3. Turn your negative stories into positive stories. One of my favorite speakers likes to joke that some of us are so negative, if you put us in a dark room we might begin to “develop” like film. What did you learn from that difficult situation? Did you learn survival, resourcefulness, compassion? Reframe your story from a place of victimhood to a place of empowerment.

4. Seek professional help. If all the above strategies fail to help you let go of your past and you find yourself dealing with deep depression it may be a sign to seek the help of a counselor, therapist etc. to move you forward.

5. Whatever is bothering you isn’t a little thing. It needs to be addressed. You deserve to have meaningful and special relationships!

Financial Empowerment Teleseminar

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Here are some funnies from kids. Enjoy!

Q: What kind of ship doesn’t sink?
A: Friend-ship

Q: What do you get when you cross a Fed-ex driver and a UPS driver?
A: Fed Up!

Q: Why did the man freeze his money?
A: He wanted cold, hard cash!

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