How Powerful, Expansive Questions Generate Wealth Miraculously!


I went out walking yesterday morning and it was beautiful. Okay, I admit it was a tad humid but the humidity is winding down as we get into mid September now. The mornings seem a bit more overcast but I think that’s because we’re still in the rainy season.

Granted with the same conditions present anywhere else, I would have started to worry that winter is coming… But this is sunny Florida! The threat of winter never crosses my mind here.

So there I was yesterday, walking in the bright sunshine, looking up at the blue sky and listening to the birds singing. I felt so free and happy I was inspired to  add a new element to it, something different…

One of my wealth coaches years ago shared a wealth strategy on a coaching call. She  suggested walking on the beach and affirming what you want.

My newest Prosperity Mentor suggests a similar practice of putting affirmations into rhythm and rhymes.  She says the subconscious responds to this. And suggestions drop easily into the subconscious when we do this.

So I’ve been at it. Here’s what else I’ve been up to.

I realize our brains are incredible problem-solving machines. They respond extremely well to questions.


Christian Simpson, Leading Coach and Mentor to Entrepreneur to Business Owners says: “The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.” I have found that statement to be very accurate.

If you ask victim type questions like Why me?, you get victim type answers like, “Because you are….” You get my point, right?

But if you ask empowering questions, then you get empowering answers.

So I was asking the following questions repeatedly: What are the infinite possibilities? What are the infinite opportunities?

And you would be amazed at what dropped in just yesterday afternoon…

Just out of the blue, an opportunity for me to offer scholarships to students from my alma mater and my former elementary school!  OMG, I’ve been wanting to do that for ages and ages…

A $997 full scholarship to a speaker’s conference completely out of nowhere!

A class to monetize Youtube ideas to make money via Youtube viewers and tons more…

All in one afternoon!

I’m gonna keep asking those questions and I’ll keep you posted on my success.

How about you? What strategies or tools do you use to create more wealth and abundance in your life?

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